Michele and Dave Garbus are the management team behind Real Property Financial. Their passion is introducing individuals to the value of mortgage notes. Known for their track record in turning non-performing mortgage notes into performing notes, Michele and Dave have successfully purchased and managed 500+ real estate-backed mortgage notes.

Michele and Dave own Real Property Financial along with associated firms, Silent Running LP and Aerial Funding LLC which provide training and consultation on mortgage notes, as well as the portfolio management of mortgage notes, owned by their firms.

They work pro bono with veterans and other groups with limited access to financial education to provide insight, information and perspective, so that these individuals can make informed decisions about their financial future.


Michele Garbus is a business management and development strategist known for her ability to see opportunity and manage divergent processes to achieve success. she has built a remarkable record of successfully managing multiple real estate mortgage note investments.

A seasoned note and real estate investor, Michele achieves high returns through the right mortgage note investments. She works with borrowers to identify the best financial solution for their circumstances and engages with high skilled, successful partner resources to make the mortgage note acquisition successful.

Dave Garbus, Vice President

Dave Garbus is an IT and Infrastructure expert with considerable experience in acquiring and funding mortgage note and real estate transactions.

Responsible for compliance and licensing, IT, infrastructure and processes, Dave ensures that systems are in place to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced environment. He joins Michele in conducting training seminars for individuals interested in acquiring real estate mortgage notes and focuses on the due diligence required to make an informed decision.

Seminar and webinar schedule available.  To learn more about Real Estate Mortgage Notes, contact Real Property Financial today or call (303) 674-0139.

THIS IS NOT AN OFFER TO SELL SECURITIES.  No securities offering is contemplated herein.  Offers for securities are made through a Private Placement Memorandum provided by Company management only.